Safety and Quality of Play and Sports Equipment

Safety and Quality of Play and Sports Equipment

Safety and Quality of Play and Sports Equipment

Manufacturers and operators of play and sports equipment bear a great deal of responsibility, as they must ensure the safety and functionality of their equipment at all times. From the initial  concept  design to its production, installation, and operation. Often playground equipment and installations exhibit heavy wear and tear, whether from rust, decay, splintering or vandalism. Unforeseeable safety problems can arise with outdoor play equipment due to the effect of severe weather. It is vital to establish and guarantee operational safety according to applicable local and international standards. Several countries have already developed guidelines, regulations and inspection programs intended to protect users against accidents and injuries.

Inspections and certifications can be conducted  according to all major standards such as EN 1176-1:2017, EN 14960-1:2019, EN 155671+A1 :2020:2015, EN 15567-2: 2015 local legislation and relevant national and international applicable specifications and guidelines.

As independent third party and competent partner TUV India Private Limited (TÜV NORD GROUP) supports manufacturers and operators to comply with requirements and provides both   operators and users full confidence in all types of equipment:

  • Playground equipment
  • Public and private outdoor playgrounds
  • Indoor play areas (soft play)
  • Floating leisure articles
  • Trampoline parks
  • Impact absorbing surfacing
  • Adventure park (high rope courses, zip lines, climbing wall etc.
  • Sport and gymnastics equipment
  • (Multi) Sport facilities.
  • Skate parks
  • Ice rinks
  • Roller skate and skate board parks
  • Kids water plat attractions
  • Permanently installed outdoor fitness  equipment

Our Services :

  •  Manufacturers
  1. Design review – Appraisal
  2. Risk assessment
  3. Technical & safety training
  4. Product certification (series production)
  5. Inspection, testing and monitoring of  manufactured parts and assemblies
  6. Type approval – production control
  7. Unique product certification
  • Operators:
  1.  Initial inspection of playground
  2. Conformity assessment of surrounding areas and surfaces
  3. Intermediary and periodic/annual inspections
  4. Inspection after serious modification or repair of playground equipmen
  5. Risk assessments                   

Your Benefit:

  • Compliance with applicable local and international standard, regulations and procedures
  • Accredited inspection reports and certification with thorough documentation, including criticality of defects and advise for rectification
  • One stop service with other Amusement rides and installations