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FSSAI initiates training for Food Businesses to Mitigate Covid-19 (6/05/2020) :

FSSAI releases official guidelines to all food business operators and stakeholders to tackle the challenge of to ensuring uninterrupted food supply to consumers whilst containing the risk of COVID-19 for the workers, customers and all participants in the food supply chain. FSSAI has launched a training programme for food businesses Food Safety Training & Certification programme (FoSTaC) which will be conducted online on the FoSTaC website.

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FSSAI facilitates food businesses amid COVID 19 pandemic (12/05/2020):

Amidst the confusion caused by COVID-19 with regards to food safety FSSAI has issued notices to all states/UT’s instructing them to follow a non-discriminatory approach while dealing with food businesses in the lockdown and even post lockdown period. The authority has been receiving many requests/complaints where products such as frozen food, food served cold/ chilled etc. were selectively not allowed to be transported, stored or sold, based on the notion that they could promote spread of COVID-19. FSSAI has thus communicated clear instructions to all states/UTs on the same.

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Amendments to Regulation (EC) No 1235/2008 (EC) as regards the arrangements for imports of organic products from third countries (May 2020):

APEDA released the amendment made to EC 1235/2008 which deals with imports of organic products to EU from third countries. The amendment states that, in some cases, complete transport documents are not available to the control body in due time in the certificate of inspection before the consignment leaves the third country. For that reason, it is appropriate to specify that the information contained in the transport documents is available on the online portal of TRACES which can be checked.

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Protecting food security and facilitating food trade during COVID-19 (08/05/2020):

Codex Alimentarius Commission set the benchmark for food safety in global food trade and have released a set of guidelines that can help food trade stakeholders manage their business during COVID-19. With the promotion of paperless trades, work on electronic certification is underway at CODEX. It is anticipated that this new guidance could promote greater uptake of modern, paperless trade, making trade documentation more efficient and secure. Codex member countries and observers with an interest in the electronic working group should register through their national Codex Contact Point to participate in the electronic working group.

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Ochratoxin A- Public Health Risks (13/05/2020):

EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has published a scientific opinion on public health risks related to the presence of ochratoxin A (OTA) in food – a mycotoxin naturally produced by moulds that can be found in a variety of foodstuffs including cereals, preserved meats, fresh and dried fruit, and cheese. EFSA’s scientific advice will inform the European Commission in the ongoing discussion on maximum levels of OTA in foodstuffs.

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