Safety Officer

Job Title

Safety Officer




5 years


B.Sc with Adavance Diploma in Industrial Safety

Job Profile

Ensure implementation of Company safety & health management guidelines, SOP and work instructions. 

Ensure implementation of BOCW Act & Rules and other OHS legal requirements, 

Ensure implementation of contract safety rules and regulation as per Construction Contract Documents. 

Ensure Work Permit-SOP is implemented strictly and all concerned personnel are appropriately trained to follow the permit system. 

Ensure the Contractor(s)’ staff & other concerned personnel are aligned & informed about Company’s safety management system and contract safety management system. 

Assess, plan and communicate to Contractor(s), the requirements of site safety infrastructure as per contractual terms and Company guidelines. 

Ensure all new Contractor(s) coming on board are trained on Company guidelines & respective work instructions. 

Fall protection: Identify requirements & quantity of safety material for fall protection measures like hard barricades, railings, shaft gates,

MEP cut-outs covers, safety nets, fall grab arresters & lifelines etc. well in advance based floor designs and communicate with Contractor(s) and ensure availability and compliance. 

Set-up & coordinate JPSC with all Contractor(s) participation and ensure effective functioning for amicable resolution of site safety & health issues. 

Ensure all incidents, accidents, near-miss, first aid cases are reported, investigated and corrective/ preventive actions are implemented as per Company guidelines. Ensure that proper analysis with mitigation plan is discussed in the Joint Project Safety Committee (JPSC). 

Ensure safety induction is mandatorily imparted to all new personnel at site including workers and staff of Contractor(s), Company & CM.

Ensure that required infrastructure for safety induction is established and maintained as per Company standard till end of the project. 

Ensure compliance with any other safety directives communicated by Company. 

Maintain back-up record of regulatory requirements as per site activities and progress. 

Monitor and ensure that the electrical safety system is strictly functional - ELCB, overload protectors, earth pits testing schedule & register. 

Prepare & monitor updated inventory/ register of plant & machineries, lifting tools, tackles, cranes, earth moving vehicles, power hand tools, debris chute and statutory testing records, preventive maintenance, periodic inspections and required P&M staff of Contractor(s). 

Maintain list of all operating staff, signal-man and check their competency and medical examination record as per BOCW. 

Ensure air ambient & noise monitoring and water portability test as per EPA Rules and IS standard is carried out every six months by Contractor(s) through authorized laboratory & records are maintained. 

Ensure that housekeeping SOP is strictly implemented and required man power for housekeeping and hygiene at site and labour camp are deployed. 

Ensure all welfare requirements as per BOCW, Contract regulations and Contract labour act at site and labour camp are complied with.