Assistant Manager/ Manager - Civil

Job Title

Assistant Manager/ Manager - Civil




7 years


B.Tech - Civil

Job Profile

Establish at site, all necessary management personnel with complete responsibility to manage the project, in close liaison with Company and Contractor(s).

Advice Company on appointment of resident site management and administration staff. 

Conduct weekly Site meetings to monitor progress of work, coordinate activities of all agencies and ensure that all outstanding matters, drawings, decisions and other constraints are resolved. Prepare and circulate Minutes of Meetings. 

To coordinate for Master Plan Layout at site in due presence of Design Consultant / Contractor(s) and get it signed off by the Contractor(s). Also to check and co-ordinate the setting out work of Contractor(s).

Co-ordinate and expedite all site works carried out by the Contractor(s). 

Manage Contractor(s) to make good any damage caused by them to the works or to the site facilities. 

Monitor the performance of Contractor(s) against delay in construction so as to enable corrective action to be taken to prevent stoppages and delays. In the event of delay the CM shall take necessary action along with the Company /Company to impose appropriate measures on the Contractor(s) responsible for the delay. 

Coordinate and manage Contractor(s) to complete all necessary work at site so as to enable Company to obtain various approvals of the authorities and render all necessary and reasonable assistance to the authorities visiting site. 

Take all reasonable steps to implement the prompt remedying of all defects at practical completion of each works contract and at the end of their defects liability period as agreed between the Contractor(s) and the Company. 

Coordinate with the Contractor(s) so that they manage the site in an orderly manner giving due regard to the occupants of premises adjacent to or near to the site, that their working areas are kept clean during the progress of their works and that debris are removed from the site as it arises and at completion of the project.

Arrange and keep records of site meetings, maintain records of review meetings in the form of Minutes of Meetings in prescribed format Also, document and maintain all correspondences with Contractor and all other vendors. 

Co-ordinate with Contractor(s) to furnish details to the Company in the desired and agreed formats on a regular basis for statutory or technical requirements. 

The CM shall be responsible for managing the Contractor(s) engaged by the Company for execution, supervision and maintenance (scope of maintenance is limited to attendance to defects reported in permanent works during Defects Liability Period) of the works, whether temporary or permanent in respect of the project. 

Establish with the Company any requirement for partial possession and coordinating Contractor(s) to effect suitable sequence of completion. 

Liaise with Company, Architect and other Consultants as required for necessary drawing co-ordination and management. 
Generate captioned progress photographs throughout the entire project and detailed specific photos of key area of focus that may be in delay or require some specific attention

Checking of quality of all incoming materials through physical inspection & tests. 
Inspect on site activities and to achieve high-quality installations and construction in accordance with specifications through adequate checks. 

Review Quality plan of vendors and conduct regular audits to check adherence at site.Maintaining records pertaining to quality & testing. 
Review of work method statements of vendors for all major activities.Coordinate review and approval of shop drawings. 

Issue Non conformity reports (NCR) to vendors for deviations from agreed specifications and design and manage closure of all NCRs through concerned vendors. Issuance of site instructions – following formal approval procedure. 

Establish comprehensive testing, commissioning and handover procedures for contract work. Witness key handover and acceptance meetings. 

Provide direction to contractors of any remedial action (if necessary) to achieve stipulated programme and milestone dates. 

Conduct ad-hoc daily inspections of works and review progress. 

Arrange appropriate Project meetings. Record correspondences and Minutes of Meetings. 

Assist and manage through Company provided manpower and infrastructure proper receipts, storage and issue of Company procured items. Proper documentation to be maintained with regard to Company procured store items.