Analyst / Jr. Analyst

Job Title

Analyst / Jr. Analyst


Pune - Food Lab


2 - 5 years


M.Sc. Chemistry/Biotech/Biochem or BE- Biotech/Biochem

Job Profile

Responsible for sample preparation in different types of food commodity.

Monitoring and operating of the sample analysis by HPLC.

Sample preparation For Vitamin A, D, E, K, B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin-C, Synthetic Colour, Artificial Sweetner, Sugar Profiling, MSG, Preservatives, Uric Acid, in different food Products.

HPLC Calibration with different Detectors likes- PDA, UV, RI & Fluorescence.

Maintain the control of technical records as per requirements; ensure all the tests are performed by correct method and specification in the department.

Responsible for calibration of glassware, micropipette, and analytical balance.

Ensuring accuracy of calculations, reproducibility of test result.