5S - The Work Place Management System

5S - The Work Place Management System:

Every management system originates from our kitchen. There are various managements systems related to work place Management however Japanese work place Management system 5S is more popular.This technique is more focused on lean technology and  just in time. 

There are two major frame works for understanding & applying 5S system.One is proposed by ODASA (Odasa Takshi (1995) The 5s`S-Five Keys to a Total Quality Environment, US – Asian Productivity Organization : ISBN978.9.28331-115-7 retrieved July 26,2017) and other is by Hirano( Hirao Hiroyuki(1995) 5 Pillars of visual work place –Cambridge Massachusetts product press ISBN-9781.1.56327-047-5). Basically it is work place management which is visual and very easy to understand for common man. World famous TOYOTA management system & Maruti Management systems are two good examples. Both are focusing mainly on Lean philosophy.

There are 5 Steps to organise the work place.

  • SERI (Sort) Keep only necessary items in work place ( Remove all unnecessary things )
  • SIETON (Set In Order) Arrange Items to promote efficient work flow.( Arrange all things in required work flow manner, create space for required items )
  • SEISO(Shine) Clean the work place so it is neat & clean(Prepare all ideal conditions of work place)
  • SIEKETSU(Standardize) Set standards for a consistently organized work place( Develop standards, Habits & check sheet, measuring methodology)
  • SHITSUKE (Sustain / Self-discipline) Maintain & review.( For sustenance develop methodology such as audits & review)

What are the benefits of 5S Management System

  • Improved visualization
  • Improvement in commitment & moral of employee
  • Reduction in Cost( Less space used in storage, improvement in productivity, Improvement in quality, Reduction in waste, Improvement in supply chain, Reduction in down time, Optimum utilization of resource)
  • Improvement in work place safety
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Practical approach having less documentation hence flexible
  • ROI justifiable

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Who can implement -Anyone who wants to lay the foundation for continuous application of lean concepts and techniques to root out waste and streamline processes. All types of business activities including manufacturing & service industry, big business house, government office, ware house, mall, hospitals, hotels, dealers and all types of supply chains etc.

TUV India Pvt Ltd with pool of experts under our training portfolio can help companies to understand the work place management by effective implementation of 5S.


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