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Refrigerant Management Awareness

The Indonesian government has committed to voluntary CO2 emission reduction targets under international climate negotiations within the UNFCCC, amounting to 26% of the 2005 baseline, to be achieved by 2020. This 26% reduction is through local effort, targeted to reach as much as 41% through international cooperation. This is a tremendous challenge for Indonesia!

It is estimated that without proper refrigerant management, HFC emissions will dramatically outstrip all other GHGs and by 2050, will reach 5.5–8.8 Gt CO2 equivalent per year. The technology used in air-conditioners and refrigerators has a significant climate impact both through direct emissions (leakages and servicing) and indirect (energy use). Thus, there is significant potential to generate GHG emission reduction not just from energy efficiency but also from management of refrigerants.

RAISE Indonesia focuses on commercial buildings, industrial refrigerant service sector and large retail and industry sectors, which are significant users of air-conditioning and refrigeration. Target stakeholders will be relevant government agencies, professionals and practitioners, local chambers of commerce, industry associations and academic institutions. The objective is to contribute to sustainable industrial development in Indonesia by developing human capital in the field of refrigerant and energy management.

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