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Pressure Equipment Directive

TÜV NORD is at the forefront in providing technical system certification under the Pressure Equipment Directive. The Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC applies to the design, manufacture and conformity assessment of pressure equipment and assemblies with a maximum allowable pressure PS. greater than 0.5 bar (g) for products intended for the European market.

Most pressure equipment and assemblies placed in the European market have to comply with the Pressure Equipment Regulations, 1999.

The European directives for pressure equipment consist of:

  • Simple pressure vessels (SPVD) - 87/404/EC: Vessels for compressed air and nitrogen. For example, air compressors, pneumatic systems, braking systems etc.
  • Pressure equipment (PED) - 97/23/EC: Pressure vessels, heat exchanger, reactors, cryogenic vessels, water tube boilers, shell boilers, safety valves, valves, fire extinguishers, cylinders for breathing apparatus etc.
  • Transportable pressure equipment (TPED) - 1999/36/EC: High pressure gas cylinders, LPG cylinders, cryogenic transport vessels, one way bottles, gas cartridges, bundles of cylinders (frames), tanks for transport of gases (cryogenic gases/LPG/etc.) on road and rail.

Our know-how for your success

TÜV NORD is a well-established and reliable partner for inspection and certification services. Our experts and auditors have extensive knowledge based on experience and are generally permanently employed by TÜV NORD. This guarantees independence and neutrality, and also means we can offer continuity in supporting our clients. The benefit to you is clear: our experts accompany and support the development of your products and provide you with objective feedback.

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