Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil System

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Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil System (ISPO) is a policy taken by the Indonesian Government in this regard the Ministry of Agriculture with the aim to improve the competitiveness of Indonesian palm oil in world markets and participating in order to meet the President of the Republic of Indonesia's commitment to reduce greenhouse gases and provide attention to environmental problems.

ISPO Implementation will be done by holding fast to the principles of coaching and advocacy and guidance to oil palm plantations, which is the task of government. Therefore the first phase of certification is ISPO classification. This classification is in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture 07 Year 2009 on Guidelines for Assessment of Plantation Enterprises and the certification is the demands of international trade conducted according to international regulations which, among others, meet requirement of International Standards Organization (ISO). Ministry of Agriculture will carry out assessments for certification ISPO in a transparent and independent.

TÜV NORD Indonesia already approved by ISPO as an ISPO Certification Body with No. LS-P&K-002-ISPO.

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