ISO 14064

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Greenhouse gas inventories

Traceability and credibility of information are of decisive importance for companies and organizations who are obliged or who want to make their greenhouse gas emissions public – in relation to investors, for example. Certification according to ISO 14064 creates transparency and trust: this international standard sets requirements for the verification of greenhouse gas inventories (so-called "carbon footprints") and therefore ensures a consistent approach when it comes to certification. In other words, results of inventories can be meaningfully compared with one another.

Verified Carbon Footprint

Certification of corporate and product carbon footprints by TÜV NORD helps companies to understand their own greenhouse gas emissions, and to analyze and communicate them. Based on this, savings potentials can be recognized and measures for reduction introduced. This not only helps the environment, but in many cases also saves money. A small carbon footprint in combination with further reduction measures also creates a positive image as far as the public is concerned. Following creation of the carbon footprint, which can be undertaken by the company/organization itself or by a consultant, the emission inventory is verified. The inventory takes greenhouse gas emissions from different sources into account, e.g. heating energy, power consumption, fuel consumption, use of materials, computer behavior, transportation etc. The areas of the company and emission sources to be included in the certification are defined in the so-called system boundary and are recorded in the certificate.

Safety helps to reduce emissions

Companies from all sectors can be certified, and also public authorities, clubs and associations etc. With the TÜV NORD certificate, these organizations document that they have adopted climate protection as a declared aim and are actively supporting measures for reduction of greenhouse gases. Within the framework of the certification procedure, they receive certainty with regard to the volume and sources of their emissions – providing a basis for the implementation of reduction measures and cost savings. It is also quite possible that in future legal requirements will exist for all organizations with regard to their emissions; certification means that these can be approached with confidence based on sound preparation.

TÜV NORD is an experienced partner in the area of climate protection, and is accredited by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) as well as being an official verification partner of the Carbon Disclosure Project. Up to the present day we have validated and verified around 2,000 climate protection projects. In parallel with its own standard, TÜV NORD also offers certification based on international standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and PAS 2050.

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