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Imagine your partner. He has confidential information. He wants to share it with his supplier – you. There are surely different views of what's the right thing to do for protecting information. But due to the aforementioned benefits, most companies settle on standards. Regarding to information security the approach is based on important aspects and criteria of the internationally recognised standard ISO 27001.


What is TISAX ?


TISAX stands for Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange, especially designed to create trust within the automotive industry due to increasing digitalisation. In the automotive area, the effectiveness of an ISMS can be established by means of assessments according to TISAX, which are now explicitly required by many automotive manufacturers. The assessments are based on the VDA ISA requirement catalogue, developed by the German Association of the Automotive Industry VDA.


How We Do It ?


Why we need TISAX ?

  1. All assessment criteria are relevant for the automotive sector
  2. High assessment quality and consistent results
  3. Standardised, strict assessment and reporting procedures
  4. Results are therefore both comparable and meaningful
  5. Duplicate and repeat assessments can be avoided
  6. Reduction of risks and establishment of a risk management system
  7. Broad acceptance and greater trust within the automotive sector
  8. Enhanced customer loyalty and promotion of new business
  9. Strong focus on the needs of customers
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