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Due to the worldwide growing spread of the Coronavirus Outbreak, TÜV NORD Indonesia has approved remote audits & training for many management system standards.

What is a REMOTE AUDIT ?
A remote audit, also known as an e-audit, has exactly the same validity as a regular on-site audit, but using electronic means to remotely obtain audit evidence and evaluate it objectively in order to determine the extent of conformity to the audit criteria.


Surprisingly, reviewing documents and records virtually can be even more effective than doing so onsite.


Some areas that can present difficulties during a remote audit involve manufacturing processes or product storage. In these cases, remote audits can use live video or even surveillance video to gather the necessary audit evidence.

Considering the auditee’s circumstances, the audit can be conducted partly or 100% from a remote location




Remote training online classes, is the answer for the CoVid-19 Outbreak to catch up all the information you need in a very relaxed and secure way. The participant doesn't have to be physically present in the training room particularly for those participant whos live in another city/country. Since almost everyone is comfortable with using the internet, they find receiving information in this way quite easy and beneficial. Together with helping to save potential costs (travelling, lodging, etc.) the method of remote training also helps save time.


For details and further information, please contact our Sales in Charge:

For Jabodetabek Area
Tety Yohanti (,
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Nur Halimah (,
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For Sumatera & Kalimantan Area
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For East Java, Bali and Sulawesi Area
Wieke Savitri (

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