SuRe Audit

“SuRe is a global volountary standard for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure. It establishes a common language and understanding of sustainable and resilient infrastructure projects between project developers, financiers and local authorities. SuRe provides guidance on how to manage those aspects from a risk management and a benefit creation perspective.

The standard owner GIB ( is a Swiss foundation based in Basel, Switzerland, working to promote sustainable and resilient Infrastructure through sustainable Infrastructure design and financing on a global scale.

The certifications will be issued under the accreditation of ASI ( the leading accreditation body for sustainability standards.

SuRe standard is applicable for various infrastructure projects from water and energy to transportation and telecommunication) in all phases of project.

Currently the standard is in the pilot phase in China, India and Indonesia and the first projects are in the certification process.

How The Application of Standards for Sustainable Infrastructure Improves ESG Performfance:

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