GWO Standard

The GWO Standard was created by globally leading manufacturers and owners of wind turbines. The mission is to create an injury free work environment for technicians.

The key benefit for being part of GWO is that you are sure that your people in the field are trained well so that they are safe in their work environment. The safety of the technicians has always been and always will be crucial. . GWO certified trainings ensure this safety.

A global network of certified GWO training providers has rapidly emerged, delivering a standardized  training that is trusted worldwide.The standards have delivered value, they are accepted by the industry, and they will continue to deliver values.

If you want to deliver GWO training, your training facility must be certified by a Certification Body listed on the GWO website. If the certification body is not listed, your certification will be rejected, TÜV NORD, is the first approved Certification Body in Indonesia.

If you want to become a GWO certified training provider, please visit the GWO website:

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