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Is Your Compant Try to AVOID COVID-19? WASH Pledge is the ANSWER.


The simple act of washing hands with soap can cut the risk of diarrhea by 40 percent, and therefore reduce the rate of absenteeism at the workplace.


Happy employees equal productive employees that contribute to a healthy and profitable company. Investing in safe WASH for employees leads to :

1. Healthier and more productive workforce
2. Increased brand value
3. Lower reputational risks and more secured social license to operate
4. Expanded and more vibrant markets
5. emonstration of leadership in supporting Global Objectives


Benefits of WASH CERTIFICATION to your Organisation.


1. Reducing the absent rate of employees due to infectious diseases

2. Increasing productivity due to lower absent rate of employees

3. Enhance wellbeing of employees, that will reach out to their families and communities

4. Prove to stakeholders the compliance with WASH Pledge of world leading companies in WBCSD (World Business Council of Sustainable development

Who's committed ?



Who's Committed

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