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Conflict is an everyday part of our lives and more often than not can lead to an irreversible breakdown of communication and destroy team relationships. Dealing with the conflict and turning negative attitude into positive vibes for the betterment of the team is what every leader aspires to do. Our workshop on conflict management and communication has been designed to help you resolve differences in your team and enhance team collaboration and performance. You will learn the effective tools and conflict resolution techniques needed to manage stressful situations in the workplace and complex team dynamics. Enroll now and become a better manager and leader.


Course Structure


The training workshop covers the following aspects:

  • The intention behind every conflict-The cause and effect of the conflict.
  • How did it happen? What were the consequences?
  • Mindset Change – Why is it important for this change?
  • How to apply the principles leading to conflict resolution and establish
  • a harmonious working environment
  • The 5-step strategy in implementing the blueprint for Conflict
  • Resolution The areas that will be examined include:
    1. Self-Awareness and Self-Management
    2. Emotions
    3. Conflicting Styles
    4. Conflicting Roles
    5. Conflicting Resources
  • How to build and sustain relationships with your supervisors, colleagues `and peers 3 areas to examine:
    1. Breaking Barriers to Effective Communication in a Cross Cultural Diverse Environment
    2. The Mastery of Building Rapport at the Workplace
    3. Build Trust and Confidence amongst supervisors, colleagues and
    4. peers

Learning Objective

  • Understand why conflicts arise
  • Identify common responses to conflicts in terms of behavior, thoughts and attitude
  • Explore Aggressive, Passive and Assertive approaches and the consequence of each response
  • How to deal with difficult team members
  • Learn effective conflict resolution methods and best practices formanaging conflicts
  • How to build trust and credibility with colleagues and team members
  • Learn to hold difficult conversations calmly and assertively

What you will get ?

  • 1-day interactive workshop led by experts in the field
  • Interactive session (questionnaires, open discussions and sharing) between trainer and learners
  • Think, pair and share for and between group facilitation
  • Mini lectures by trainer and role plays by learners to highlight the learning lessons
  • Demonstration by the trainer to break down conflicts and barriers at the workplace
  • Case studies highlighted and lessons learnt
  • Group activities and brainstorming sessions
  • Group project work including debrief sessions after each activity undertaken
  • Insights and reflections on what has been shared and learnt during the training workshop
  • Completion certificate will be provided
  • Downloadable e-book
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