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Second Party Customized Audits, improve business processes, increase efficiencies and reduce risks. Trust TÜV NORD Indonesia's extensive expertise and experience to assist you in your evaluation journey.

What is a 2nd PARTY AUDIT?

A second-party audit is applicable whenever a company wants to ensure that its suppliers comply with the requirements specified in the contract. These requirements may include special control over certain processes, requirements on traceability of some parts of the service, requirements for specific documentation or records, or any other items of special interest to that customer. These audits can be done ON-SITE or REMOTELY by reviewing the processes or off-site by reviewing documents submitted by the supplier. The auditor can evaluate all or parts of the contract. It is important to understand that a second-party audit is not involving an accredited certificate.

Who need a 2nd PARTY AUDIT?




Why Complete a 2nd PARTY AUDIT?

Evaluate your own network against your requirements


Some areas that can present difficulties during a remote audit involve manufacturing processes or product storage. In these cases, remote audits can use live video or even surveillance video to gather the necessary audit evidence.

Considering the auditee’s circumstances, the audit can be conducted partly or 100% from a remote location

Benefits of 2nd PARTY AUDIT


Establish your confidence your product vision is protected


 Why with TÜV NORD Indonesia


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