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TÜV HELLAS as a subsidiary of the TÜV NORD Group retains all the necessary accreditations from both the Hellenic Accreditation Authority (ESYD) and the German Accreditation Authority (DAKKS) through its parent organization, and operates in a very wide range of services with consistency, reliability and impartiality. In particular TÜV HELLAS operates as a:

  • Type A Inspection Body accredited to ISO / IEC 17020
  • Management Systems Certification Body accredited to ISO/IEC 17021
  • Product Certification Body accredited to ISO / IEC 17065
  • Persons Certification Body accredited to ISO / IEC 17024
  • Environmental Verifier accredited to European Regulation 1221: 2009 (EMAS)
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Verification Body accredited to ISO 14065 and EU Regulation 600/2012

More information about the TÜV HELLAS Greek Accreditations can be found at the official website of ESYD and at for the parent organization.

In addition, TÜV HELLAS has been designated-authorized to operate as a Notified Body (NOBO) in the European Union, under the unique number 0654 registered in the basis of EC Notified Bodies (NANDO This means that TÜV HELLAS has the authority to conduct audits to the manufacturers or their authorized representatives for products intended to be sold in the European Economic Area and which are subject to European legislation. Such products are construction products, lifts, Vessels and pressure equipment, etc. More information about the TÜV HELLAS Notification can be found at

For all other services which are regulated by the Greek Legislation, TÜV HELLAS holds all the necessary approvals from the relevant Ministries of Development, Transportation, Agriculture etc. so that its certificates can be fully reliable.


Romania Office

Calea Bucurestilor 3A

Tel.: +40 374 305 793
Fax: +40 374 305 790

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