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Verification of Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Improvement of energy performance of buildings relevant to external conditions and local environment, and also the climatic requirements of internal rooms and the cost/benefit ratio.

Law 3661/2008 (FEK A 89) harmonized the greek legislation to the European Directive 2002/91/EC for the energy performance in buildings. The Directive is aiming to the improvement of the energy performance in buildings within Community taking into account the external conditions and local environment and also the climatic requirements of internal rooms and the cost/benefit ratio.

Following this law, the Regulation of Energy Performance in Buuildings (KENAK) has been issued (FEK 407/B/9.4.2010), P.D. 100/2010 (FEK 177Α) for Energy Auditors in Buildings, boilers, heating installations and air-conditioning installations and TEE guidelines (TOTEE) 20701-1, 20701-2, 20701-3, 20701-4.

Energy Peformance Certificate is required for any grant or rent of building and could be issued by auditors approved by the the Minisrty of Development.

With the vast experience of building installations in complex projects, TÜV HELLAS is not offering just a certificate to its client, but also the client has the ability to retrench on his daily operation expenses.

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