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Inspection / Certification of Lifts

Lifts Inspection is a thorough examination of the effectiveness and functionality of all safety components for the protection of the user as well as of the technical personnel.

Inspection / Certification of lifts by an independent and authorised Organization (Body) are mandatory the last decades in developed European countries and since 2000 in Greece. The inspection can be initial (prior to first use), and it is called certification, or periodical at prescribed time intervals, and should not be confused with regular maintenance.

Lifts Inspection is not just a formal legal obligation, but a thorough examination of the effectiveness and functionality of all safety components for the protection of the user as well as of the technical personnel.

Finally, it is noted that the inspection / certification covers all lifts, new and old, installed in houses, residence buildings, office buildings, large private projects, public venues, industrial sites, ships, etc.

According to the ministerial decision published with FEK 2604/B/2008:

  • The new lifts installed in buildings with a building permit after 01/07/1999 are subject to the European Directive 95/16/EC and standards EN 81-1, 2 / 1998 (CE) and have to be certified by Notified Bodies before they are put into service.
  • The existing (old) lifts should be inspected by inspection bodies and adapt to the safety specifications of new lifts.
  • Noted, that all the lifts (after initial inspection) have to be periodically inspected by an inspection body every 1 to 5 years depending on the usage of the lift.

Apart from mandatory inspections, TUV HELLAS undertakes the following:

  • Design approval and selection of equipment based on the intended lift use
  • Inspection during construction (project supervision)
  • Inspections after significant lift modifications and expert evaluations
  • Special inspections by experts concerning lift components or specific operational requirements (ride quality, noise, etc.)

TUV HELLAS is an Accredited Organization by the National Accreditation Council (ESYD) and Notified Body in the European Union with notification number 0654 to provide services in lifts’ inspection and certification. Through our expertise, reliability and excellent organization we have gained recognition and confidence in the technical world and the general public and therefore have a leading position amongst the certification bodies. From the year 2000 until today we have inspected - certified more than 20,000 elevators throughout Greece, including inspections in large Olympic venues, large hotels and Hospitals and several large private projects.

In order to provide nationwide coverage, apart from our branches in Thessaloniki and Crete, we have developed a significant network of Representatives-Inspectors in all major cities of Greece such as Patras, Kalamata, Volos, Agrinio, Ioannina , Serres, Kozani, Thrace.

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