Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement

Ultrasonic thickness measurements - this is the measurement of the thickness of metal products that have access to the measuring object from one side only.

We can measure:

• the thickness of the wall of the product;

• expertise on the extent of wear or corrosion of the product on the remaining wall thickness.

Measuring range 1 - 250 mm. Measurement error ± 0.1 mm or 0.1% of the wall thickness to be measured. As a result of ultrasonic metal thickness measurement, the client receives a protocol with the results of the measurements. Ultrasonic metal wall thickness measurement can also be done on a pressurized container if the temperature is suitable. Thickness measurement can be done on both clean and painted surfaces or other surfaces. Reliable results cannot be obtained for a surface that has become corrosive due to corrosion. The instructions for pressure vessels produced in recent years require regular wall thickness measurements and compare the results with the minimum values given in the manual.

NDT laboratory of TÜV Eesti OÜ is accredited for ultrasonic thickness measurement by EAK, certificate no L016.

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