1. Testing
    2. Fire testing
    3. Reaction to fire of roof coverings

Fire tests

Test apparatus corresponds to standard CEN/TS 1187. Test results of the building structure can be classified according to standard 13501-5

A specimen is mounted on specimen holder - to the horizontal plane with angel of 30°.

A burning wooden crib (100 mm x 100 mm, weight 40 g) is placed on the surface of the specimen at 50 mm from the bottom edge. Tests are carried out with two different values of forced air flow (2 and 4 m/s) passing over the exposed surface. The time is measured at which the specimen ignites, the time at which the flames die out, the length of damaged area of the flooring and the underlay.

Please contact us

Fred Haas

Head of the Fire testing laboratory
Mobile Phone: +372 53095962

+372 637 9306
Fax: +372 637 9601

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