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Forests, Wood Products, Printing & Paper

With “Chain of Custody” (COC) certification according to FSC® you can identify and draw attention to wood, wood products, paper and printed materials whose raw materials originate from responsible forest management.

Ever more consumers are demanding resource-friendly wood products and ethically-acceptable forest management and further processing of wood. The non-state, non-profit Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) has formulated criteria for this: the organization focuses on environmentally-friendly, socially-compatible and economically-feasible exploitation of forests. TÜV NORD CERT certifies wood-processing businesses according to the FSC® guidelines, helping these companies to document their commitment to the environment and to responsible behavior. TÜV NORD CERT At the same time, wood can be clearly identified at all times in all phases of processing and trade.

Recognised mark gives access to new customer groups

Companies such as sawmills, wood dealers, furniture manufacturers, paper manufacturers, publishing houses and printers can have themselves certified. Following successful inspection and certification, they can prove fulfilment of the stipulations of a globally-recognized standard and can use the FSC® mark as a powerful marketing tool – opening up new customer groups whose purchases are based on environmental awareness, and achieving greater acceptance amongst consumers who demand proof of the origins of the purchased product.

The route to the certificate

  • First contact us! Our FSC® specialists are waiting to speak to you.
  • We can advise on your specific situation
  • Preliminary audit (optional) and review of the submitted FSC® documentation
  • On-site audit, focusing on the control system, confirmation of the goods receipt/deliveries from vendors, separation and segregation of certified and non-certified products, product labelling, output quantities and output products, company processes, documentation, system efficiency

Following a successful audit and an audit report, TÜV NORD CERT issues the certificate for the part of the product chain that has been inspected. The certificate is valid for five years; there are annual monitoring audits.

Association or group certification is also possible, as is a link to certification of the management system in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

With its comprehensive know-how, TÜV NORD CERT covers many different areas of certification. If you need certification according to several systems, this means that synergies can give rise to considerable cost savings. With a comprehensive network of specialist auditors in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and almost all neighbouring European countries, TÜV NORD CERT guarantees optimum fulfilment of your requirements at your chosen location.

Accredited by Accreditation Services International GmbH (ASI) - Trademark Licence Code: FSC® A00529

Mr. Danny Xie

Sales Director
System Certification