Verification of ISO 14064

  1. Climate Change
  2. Verification of ISO 14064

The ISO 14064: 2006 is a family of International Standards ISO 14000 for environmental management. The ISO 14064: 2006 standards provide organization with an integrated set of tools for the quantification and reporting of emissions and emissions reductions. The standard is a voluntary Green House Gas (GHG) management system, which can be cooperated in any kind of organization with the other management systems thereof.

Target Groups for Verification

  • Build an integrated management system
  • Conform with the GHG related regulation
  • Meet the green supply chain request
  • Aim to identify and manage GHG-related liabilities, assets and risks
  • Make sustainability and climate protection part of image

Benefits of Verification

  • Organization will improve its system by using of experienced and qualified verifiers from TÜV NORD, who is active in field of climate change protection and carbon credits quantification
  • Verification by TÜV NORD convinces stakeholders and facilitate a transparent and reliable trade of GHG allowances or credits
  • Our professional verification enables organizations to quantify its GHG emissions, improve management and avoid future GHG risk
  • TÜV NORD supports the discovering of the potential improvements on GHG emission reductions

Service Process of ISO 14064

Order for verification by TÜV NORD

Initial observation (include pre-check documents)

Stage 1: Site inspection of boundary, baseline and GHG relevant emissions

Findings and potential improvements

Stage 2: Review the GHG inventory and report

Verification report from TÜV NORD

GHG statement

Mr. Yongjun Li

General Manager
Renewable Energy, Climate Change

8621 - 53855353 - 1528

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