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Standard for suppliers

IATF 16949 is the standard developed by the members of the IATF for the demonstration of advanced quality management within the automotive industry. Evidence of an effective quality management system builds confidence, meets industry-and customer-specific demands, increases competitiveness, and reduces customer audits and visits. For Tier 1 and OEM suppliers the certification is a must in the international automotive industry. International Auditing by TÜV NORD CERT.


One of our fundamental principles is that of central co-ordination and local auditing of international contracts. This offers the best possible assurance of understand-ding and communications between our clients and TÜV NORD, while concomitantly ensuring cost optimisation. In real terms, this concept often proves necessary in assessing local legislation such that TÜV NORD also provides local legal experts. For more information and a costumized offer please contact us under the contact data as given on the bottom of this page.

Mr. Danny Xie

BD Manager
System Certification

8621 - 53855353 - 2528

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