A warm home in the snow

In many winter sports areas, there are now campsites that are open all year round. Some are located directly on the trail or ski slope. The fun of the snow can often start right outside the door of your caravan. However, good winter campsites are often fully booked early. It is therefore advisable to make a reservation in good time!

Is your camping vehicle suitable for winter use? 

Your caravan or motorhome should have a double-walled insulation and a double bottom so that it stays warm even in sub-zero temperatures. For heating, a two-flap system with automatic changeover is standard in the winter so that the heating does not unexpectedly fail when a gas cylinder is empty. 

Always operate your gas system with propane gas in the winter. Schedule at least 3 kilograms of gas per day. 

Winter tires for the towing vehicle are an absolute must in the winter. When it comes to the mountains, snow chains should not be missing. An awning is definitely recommended for winter camping. It serves as storage space for sports equipment, and as a drying room for damp clothing. 

Tip - your campsite should be free of snow and ice so that the car does not slide or thaw.

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