The flexible alternative to a hotel

For those who like to be flexible on holidays and do not want to commit themselves in advance to a resort or hotel accommodation, the holiday in an RV is a recommended alternative. 

You will not experience any unlucky surprises because you can just keep driving. If rainy weather is predicted, you can drive out of town. 

The advantages of a RV holiday

  • You do not need to book your holiday in advance. 
  • You design the route and destination according to your individual preferences. 
  • You decide how long you want to stay where. 
  • You can pack at any time and without much effort and continue. 
  • You do not have to spend much time searching for accommodation. 
  • You are always independent and have everything you need while on holiday. 

If you prefer to spend your entire holiday in one place, but would like to explore the area, it makes sense to travel by caravan and car. You can enjoy the same comfort at the campsite, but can always go on excursions with the vehicle. 

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