A treasure hunt with the GPS receiver

Are you interested in an adventurous treasure hunt right on your doorstep? Then geocaching is exactly the right activity for you. 

Equipped with a GPS receiver, you are looking for a treasure that someone else has hidden in an unusual place. With the help of exact maps the search is possible. The geographic coordinates of the secret hiding places are published on the internet (eg. At the point, there is a watertight container in which a logbook and various items of exchange are located. If someone has created a whole geocache series, you will also get an indication of the next hiding place. 

Geocaching is an outdoor hobby. It goes without saying that geocachers behave as naturally as possible and therefore prefer to use paths whenever possible. In the last few meters you will often find yourself faced with the task of looking into embankments, leaves, and more. 

More sophisticated geocaches lead through rugged terrain and are often associated with tricky puzzles. The salvage of the treasures can also become very adventurous if these are, for an example, hidden on a tall tree or in a lake. Start with light caches and have fun searching!

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