What to do if a vehicle meets you

Every year about 2,000 wrong-way trips on motorways are reported. False drivers have two distinct groups - those under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or people affected by medication. So-called ghost drivers are a horror for every driver. They cause serious accidents. 

What you should do when a wrong-way driver is reported on the radio

Decrease your speed and turn on the hazard warning lights. Drive on the extreme right and do not overtake. Keep enough distance to the vehicle in front of you. Keep an eye on the side strip to avoid it. If possible, drive to the nearest parking lot and wait there until the danger is over. 

If you accidentally become a wrong-way driver

Immediately turn on the hazard warning lights so that other road uses can see you better. Drive as fast as possible to the nearest edge of the lane and park your vehicle close to the guardrail. Get out of the car carefully and go behind the guardrail - there you are the safest. Notify the police immediately. 

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