If you are going on a longer drive, you should be prepared for a medical emergency. A well-equipped first aid kit is essential for this. Especially in regions where the nearest pharmacy or doctor is far away. 

What belongs in every travel kit

Some things should be included in every travel first aid kit. These are items such as insect repellents, a thermometer, nasal spray, cough medicine, band-aids, gauze, wound disinfectant, and sunscreen. 

Parents who go on vacation with children should stock up on medical supplies appropriate for children. 

Anyone who regularly takes medication because of a chronic illness or for other reasons should have it at hand even in long car rides. 

What disease risk exists at the destination?

Ask your doctor before if there is a risk for certain diseases in the country or area you are travelling to. You can then update the first aid kit accordingly. In addition, the doctor can recommend which vaccinations are necessary. 

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