Fueled wrong - what to do?

With a foreign car or when half asleep in the morning at the gas station, it is possible to accidentally refuel with the wrong type of gas. Ever since the selection of fuel at the pump has become larger, even experienced motorists access the wrong fuel from time to time. 

Gasoline in diesel vehicles

It has particularly fatal effects when gasoline is fueled in vehicles with a diesel engine. If you notice the error in good time, leave the vehicle and do not start the engine. With small amounts of gasoline in the diesel tank only older cars without direct injection may go on. The vehicle must be towed immediately to a workshop to have the gasoline pumped out of the gas tank. If the engine was already started, the gasoline fuel has already distributed in the injector. In this case, a system cleaning and a comprehensive review of the functions by a specialist workshop is required. 

Diesel in gasoline engines

Damages are not as serious for diesel fuel in the gas tank. Motorists should still not start the engine as a precaution. Look into your operating manual and ask your workshop what to do. Damage to the engine and catalytic converter can occur. When in doubt, have the tank drained and cleaned. This is cheaper than new parts for the engine. 

Petrol engine

When Super, Super Plus and Super E10 are confused at the pump, pumping out of the tank is not necessary as all fuels come from the same gasoline family. A note on which fuel needs to be refueled is always on the fuel cap. 

If you have fueled with incorrect fuel, you should not continue. This can threaten major engine damage.


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