Bicycle transportation with vision

Usually, spring has already started around Easter. Many people use the holidays as a short break or for a long weekend in the countryside. Some people then like to leave the car behind and explore the surroundings by bike. What could be better than taking your own bike on vacation on the roof or tail of your vehicle? In order to do this safely, some important points have to be taken into consideration before the ride. 

How much weight can I load on?

Before the first bicycle is placed on the vehicle, it must be ensured that the permissible total weight of the vehicle is not exceeded. The vehicle registration contains all required information. Important for the roof rack is the roof load. If the bicycles are transported at the rear of the vehicle, the vehicle weight must be deducted from the permissible total weight. The difference must not be exceeded by luggage, bicycle carriers, or wheels. 

For luggage carriers and two bicycles there is about 50 kilograms of additional weight. Caution is advised when transporting electric bikes, as one wheel weighs around 15 kilograms. Trust is good, control is better!

TUV NORD Expert Tip

When fitting the luggage carrier, the installation instructions must be observed. The components must be firmly attached to the car, with the bicycles lashed so that they withstand the wind.

It is also important to check racks and wheels regularly during the trip. The driver is obliged to do so. In the case of improper use and improper installation, the manufacturer and dealer are not liable for any damages. 

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