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Transporting Christmas trees safely on the car

A Christmas tree is a must for many at Christmas time. Those who purchase real trees usually transport it home by car. It is best to think in advance about how big the tree may be so that you can get it home safely. 

Well secured on the roof

On the car roof, the tree should not fall laterally or forward over the vehicle. At the rear, the tree should not exceed one and a half meters. To prevent the Christmas tree from slipping forwards or backwards, two straps should be used and wrapped around the trunk at least once. 

Or is it better in the trunk?

In a mid-sized station wagon, you can transport an approximately two meter tall tree with the rear and front seats folded. If you are driving with the tailgate open, you must secure both the trunk and the tailgate well. The flap must be fixed in such a way that it cannot completely open while driving. Since exhaust gases can reach the interior of the car when the trunk is open, you should open the windows a crack. Of course, turning signals, brake lights and taillights should not be covered by the Christmas tree. The license plate must also be visible at all times. 

Flashing Christmas decorations in the car

It is becoming more and more often that flashing mini Christmas trees are in the car. 

However, the glowing decoration can irritate and distract drivers. Therefore, this is highly advised against. 

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