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No reason to go crazy

If you are stuck in deep snow or the vehicle was snowed in overnight, handwork is required. First, shovel the snow hill that the wheels have to overcome. It is also helpful to sprinkle sand in from of the wheels. Ideally, you always should have some sand in your trunk. Cardboard boxes, carpet tiles or the floor mats from the vehicle are also suitable for stopping the wheels. 

Then disable the electronic helpers such as the stability program (ESP) or traction control.

When driving off, handle the accelerator pedal with a great deal of feeling and, if necessary, drive in second gear as this will reduce the torque and not spin the wheels so easily. A gentle, increasing forward and backward drive usually helps you get out of the snow. If all attempts fail, then only a tow company or a neighbor who pushes vigorously with you can help. 

After starting up, you'll gain more traction by shifting early and driving in the higher gears - better transmitting the vehicle's tractive power to the smooth surface.

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