Snow Chains

Tips for safe handling of snow chains

Those who want to climb snow-covered mountains with their car has snow chains handy in the trunk. With a little practice, the assembly is usually a breeze. Modern ironing chains usually pull you up in a few minutes. Still, you should practice it at home so you don't get too cold in the snow. 

So the chain works

  • Be careful of clammy fingers - always put a pair of gloves in the trunk. 
  • Pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • If possible, mount the snow chains on a flat surface. 
  • When assembling, wear a safety vest so that other drivers can see you in good time. 
  • A waterproof mat facilitates the installation immensely.
  • Do not drive faster than 50 km/h with snow chains. 

Pay attention when buying

  • In order to prevent ruining your winter fun - be sure that your snow chains and vehicle fit together. For an example, wide tires require special types.
  • Snow chains with "spiked ribbons" are not allowed everywhere. 
  • How good a snow chain really is can first be shown on the bare asphalt.

Driving with snow chains

If the snow chains are being used then it is recommended to switch off the ESP. The driving dynamics control can prevent the chains to develop their effect optimally. After disassembling the chains, do not forget to switch the ESP back on so that driving in winter conditions does not become a risk. Please also note that driving on snow chains should not be faster than 50 km/h.

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