What you should have in your car in the winter

Ice scrapers and hand brushes provide you with a good view from frozen or snowy windows. A cover film, which is clamped on the windshield at night simplifies the ice removal the next morning. Blankets, hand warmers and hot tea will help you stay warm when stuck in traffic or when unable to drive on light ice. 

Experienced drivers bring along a bag of sand in the ice and snow, so that they can drive better in snowdrifts or on slippery roads.

TUV NORD Expert Tip

Well prepared for the winter traffic jam

It is the same every year - as soon as the first snow falls, there is traffic chaos. Miles of traffic jams are the result. Often motorists then have to wait several hours or even overnight in their vehicles. Normally, thanks to the heater, the car protects the passengers from freezing as the engine transfers heat to the heating system. Those with heated seats additionally stay warm, but the engine needs fuel for operation. 

Therefore, for longer winter rides, before refueling fill up and head for the next gas station before the tank approaches the red area. Fuel for heating, thick jackets, blankets or sleeping bags can help against the cold. Also bring a thermos flask with warm tea and high-calorie meals for the ride. 

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