Clear Views

Ensure a clear view

If you just scratch a peephole on an icy or snow covered windshield, you have limited visibility. In order to ensure a clear view while driving it is important that the wiper system is filled with antifreeze. 

De-icing spray helps against misty or iced-up panes. In addition, it makes sense to knock the snow from the shoes before getting in so that there is less moisture in the interior which can condense on the cold disc. 

Free your vehicle from snow and ice

Headlamps, tail lights, turn signals and license plates much also be cleared of snow and ice before departure. Also remove the snow from the roof so that subsequent traffic is no obstructed by falling snow debris in the view. 

Do not run the engine while standing in park as this causes unnecessary noise and exhaust fumes. In addition, the engine takes an extremely long time to warm in the case.

TUV NORD Expert Tip

Beware of snowy traffic signs

Snowy traffic signs, which can still be recognized by their shape, must still be observed. Limited readability of stop signs does not protect you against punishment. 

Driving with winter tires

Those who travel on snowy roads without winter or all-season tires are at high risk. With summer tires you have twice as long braking distance on slippery roads.

Beware of snow plows

Be careful of clearing vehicles as the road is often dangerously smooth, so do not overtake them. Leave enough room for an oncoming snow plow as the shovel is often much wider than the vehicle itself. 

Adjust driving style and speed

Although the winter service is in operation around the clock, not all roads can be cleared. Therefore you should always adjust your speed and driving style to the weather conditions and the resulting road conditions. 

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