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10 tips for car washes in the winter

Many motorists do not like washing their vehicles in the winter as they are quickly polluted by slush, ice and road salt anyway. Regardless, it is important to wash your car regularly, especially in the winter. This prevents salt and sand from damaging the paint. 

What is even more important - you take care of your own safety because with dirty windows and headlamps you cannot see clearly. Therefore, regularly clean the windows, headlights and turn signals.

Paint care - get a wax before the winter

Professionals recommend polishing and waxing before temperatures drop to below ten degrees because then appropriate care products are viscous and can only be used to limited extent. The car should always be driven through a car wash before waxing. 

Smaller paint damages, often caused by stone chips, can usually be eliminated with a polish because it is often that only the top layer of paint is scratched. The polish ensures that these superficial scratches disappear again. Treat coarser paint damage with appropriate paint pens so that rust doesn't develop. The polish with soft sponges or microfiber cloths is best applied gently with small circular movements. The last step to the well-groomed paint is the hard wax job. This works exactly like polish. 

Experienced drivers in the ice and snow keep a bag of sand in their trunk so that they can drive better in snowdrifts or on slippery roads.

TUV NORD Expert Tip

10 tips for car washes in the winter

  • If the temperature is below zero, preferably use the washer with active foam cleaner and stream jet. 
  • Close the door locks with adhesive tape before a car wash to prevent them from freezing due to the cold water in freezing temperatures.
  • Treat door seals with silicone before washing to prevent them from sticking. 
  • Use the high pressure cleaner to remove coarse dirt and sand beforehand, otherwise it will scratch the paint. 
  • Choose a lather with active foam if you want to remove stuck dirt because this special foam dissolves the dirt well from the vehicle. 
  • Underbody washing is particularly important in the winter to remove stubborn dirt and road salt. 
  • Wax programs such as nano-sealing or gloss protection protect the body against corrosion - but the liquid wax unfortunately only sticks for a short time and therefore makes little sense. 
  • If you have selected a wax program, remove the wax film from the discs after cleaning to avoid streaks. 
  • If possible, drive your vehicle into a garage after washing so that it can dry out frost-free.
  • If you want to do something good for your paint, treat it with hard wax after washing by hand and polish. 

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