Alternative Drives in the Winter

Especially sensitive to cold: the electric car

The range of electric cars is much lower in the winter than in the summer. This is because at temperatures below zero degrees Celsius, the battery loses a considerate part of its capacity. At minus five degrees, the performance drops by almost half. In addition, power electronics and power-train loses their effectiveness in the frost, resulting in a short range right from the start. The electricity demand through things such as ventilation, heated seats and rear window heating in the winter is much higher. The usual e-car range can therefore drop from around 150 kilometers to less than half. Drivers should definitely plan for the longer winter tours. 

Diesel engines

With permanent freezing temperatures, cars with a diesel engine are extremely difficult to start as the oil becomes extremely viscous in the cold and can hardly be burned during the morning cold start. For this reason, the diesel oil is preheated in many vehicles but this puts enormous strain on the battery. The short-haul operation is often not sufficient to bring a sufficient charge. 

Electric cars have some disadvantages in the cold season. In contrast, natural gas cars can make even better use of their advantages as an alternative form in the winter.

TUV NORD Conclusion

Really economical - natural gas cars are ahead in the winter

Motorists whose vehicles are powered by temperature-insensitive natural gas (CNG) are likely to experience the least problems in the winter. On the contrary - natural gas cars can play their full advantage over internal combustion engines, especially in the cold. Natural gas-powered small cars are more economical in consumption and, moreover, with a lower CO2 emissions also more environmentally friendly than diesel vehicles. 

Ethanol drive runs in the winter without problems

As a rule, vehicles with ethanol drive are also unproblematic - as long as they have a cold automatic start. This is usually the case for cars that are offered by the manufacturer with an E85 engine. Serious conversion workshops also incorporate the technology right away. 

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