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Avoid trouble with the rental car on vacation

For many the rental car at the resort is easy - you are independent and can explore the area on your own. We advise you to take a close look before to avoid any nasty surprises. Even with well established car rental companies, defects in the rental car are not uncommon. A short safety check and a small test drive provide clarity. 

Safety check

Is there enough air pressure and sufficient tread on the tires? Are there any visible rubber cracks or cuts? Test lighting, hazard lights and brakes. Are the seat belts working for all occupants?

Condition check

Check the vehicle with the worker for any damages. If you notice any bumps or paint damage, make note of it and have the condition of the vehicle acknowledged by a worker. When in doubt, take pictures of the damage of your rental car before you travel. 


Demand to have all necessary papers. It is important to have documents regarding the insurance, emergency call numbers and multilingual accident reports.


Most companies require you to have the vehicle returned with a full tank. Be sure to clarify this with the company as well as the kind of fuel you should refuel. 


If possible, have the damage-free car acknowledged upon return. This will prevent you from being liable for any damages afterwards.

TUV NORD Expert Tip:

Be sure to get yourself familiar with the vehicle before so that you do not have to look for light switches or reverse while driving. It's best to hire a vehicle that you are already familiar with. 

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