Allowed or disorderly?

Everyone knows that in the summer, when the heat is high, your feet start to sweat or even swell, and you just want to get rid of your socks and shoes quickly. But is that allowed? Can you drive barefoot in the car?

It is important that all drivers are suitable to operate a vehicle and to drive it safely. Although it is not expressed in regulations that one cannot drive barefoot, you can be charged with a careless driving fine. 

Now the question of to what extent can one drive barefoot safety arises. Objectively it can be assumed that it can be much easier to get in an accident since slipping of the pedals is much more likely and pushing the brake pedal is more difficult. Incidentally, the same applies to driving in flip flops, slippers or loose footwear. If you cause an accident barefoot, it can result in careless driving. 


For your own safety, we do not recommend driving a car in bare feet. In the summer, if you prefer sandals, we recommend sandals that are closed at the boot. Then you can give your feet air and still drive comfortably and safely.

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