Oil Check

Care and maintenance - for a long engine life

Regular oil level checks and oil changes are important to your vehicle. Honestly, when did you last check the oil level of your vehicle? Many motorists believe that regular service intervals in the workshop is sufficient enough to control the engine oil. This is unfortunately wrong because when the warning light for the oil level flashes, it is often already too late. A low oil level can lead to a total loss of the motor in the worst case and is then very expensive to replace. Make it a habit to check every third refueling stop to see if oil levels are alright. If you drive an older vehicle with higher oil consumption, you should check more often. 

How to check the oil level

To properly control the engine oil level, the car should be parked on a flat surface with a warm engine. Wait a moment after the engine has stopped to allow the engine oil and the oil stump to converge. Then remove the dipstick and wipe it with a clean, lint-free cloth. You can also use paper towel that does not produce fibers. Insert the clean dipstick back into the opening as far as it will go. Then pull it out again and check whether the oil level is within the intended range. The two minimum and maximum markings allow you to see this. If necessary, please refill with oil. It is best to have a small oil reserve in the trunk of your car. 

Which oil is the right one?

It is important that the engine oil used is approved by the car manufacturer. To verify this look in your operating instructions. The corresponding codes can also be found on the containers of branded oils. With low-viscosity oils, the friction in the engine can be reduced and fuel can be saved. Superfluous are oil additives. Investigations have repeatedly revealed that they bring no savings. 

Oil change

Sophisticated technology and high-quality engine oils make it possible - inspection intervals for vehicles are getting longer and longer. Nevertheless, motorists should have their car's oil changed regularly in a workshop because engine oil ages and is polluted by dust. The oil takes over the important task of lubricating the engine to reduce the mechanical friction on moving parts. In addition, the lubricant cleans the engine and cools heat-stressed parts. That is why it is important to have the oil change done on time. 

Oil filter change

The engine oil filter has the task to remove deposits from the engine. These are caught in the oil filter. However, if the oil filter is added with dirt particles, it can no longer sufficiently clean the engine oil. The particles in the oil then act as an abrasive between surfaces rubbing against each other - and this increases engine wear. Therefore, change the oil filter regularly. 

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