Driving Hazards

Sources of danger in the spring

In the month of April there are many more car crashes than in March. This has resulted in an evaluation of surveys of the Federal Statistical Office (Germany). According to the report, 21 percent more accidents were registered on the roads in April than in the previous month. 

Dangerous times changes

Especially dangerous for motorists is the time directly after daylight savings. According to statistics, the accident risk increases by 8 percent. The missing hour of sleep obviously reduces the ability to concentrate and the reactivity considerably. 

Spring fatigue

Another reason for the accumulation of accidents in the month of April is the general spring fatigue. The body has to adjust its biorhythm to warmer temperatures. Extended blood vessels and falling blood pressure can easily lead to dizziness, slow reactions and carelessness during this phase. Signs of this is often violent or repeated yawning. Spring-tired motorists should therefore get their circulation in order before leaving in the morning and take regular breaks in the fresh air for longer journeys. 

Cold and winter onset

Having a cold period in the spring and already have your summer tires on? This often happens overnight and in the late onset of winter. 

But what if you have already switched to summer tires? If possible, you should leave the car and use public transport instead.

Suitable winter tires as well as all-season on all-weather tires are marked with M + S identification or a mountain pictogram with a snowflake on the tire sidewall.


Wildlife accidents

Springtime holds yet another risk for motorists - after the time change, the risk of wildlife accidents increases in the early morning hours. The morning rush hour traffic and dusk coincide, especially when deer are foraging for food. According to an accident statistics of the German Hunting Association (DJV), most wildlife accidents occur in the months of March and April. Motorists should therefore be particularly attentive to forest and field margins and adjust their speed to the dangerous situation. 

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