Car Care Tips

So that your car can shine again!

After the long winter, it is time to clean your car. But before pampering, search the car for clues. How is the paint? Does it look dull or does it shine like new? Based on this, subsequent treatment varies. 

First, bird droppings, insects and stains should be removed from the paint. Be sure to use proper cleaning products as some home remedies and too sharp of rubbing can leave traces and paint damage. Sensitive plastic and rubber seals should be treated with care. The car should then be taken to the car wash. Any visible scratches can then be polished. 

Superficial scratches that are not deeper than the coat can be removed with abrasive paste. You should gently stroke rather than rubbing vigorously. If there is no fresh shine, then you should polish with a higher abrasive. You do not want to remove any more of the paint protection layer than necessary. 

Regular paint care preserves the value of your car and thus increases the resale value.


The actual paint care is called polishing. You should proceed step by step. First start with the fender, finish polishing, and then move on to the next section. The advantage of this is a more uniformed polishing pattern making it easier to comply with drying times. The final step is to apply the wax. This works just like polish. It closes the open paint pores and protects the skin of your car from harmful environmental influences. Be prepared so that summer can come! 

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