Dangerous animals

When the evenings become darker, the number of wildlife accidents increase. This is especially relevant during mating season: Love is Blind. These animals rush across the street very suddenly, creating danger for both humans and the animals.

Wildlife on the road

Most accidents occur in the evening and/or early morning, with areas near forests and fields being the most hazardous. In these areas you can expect the animals to move from the forest to the field, and then back again to the forest for protection. During mating seasons for deer in the summer, and Wild Boar in the autumn and winter, the animals’ reactions are unpredictable and extremely dangerous for motorists.

How to prevent an accident

  • Make sure to observe animal crossing signs and reduce your speed. Animal crossing signs are often placed in dangerous areas, as well as areas with high wildlife density. In this case, you should reduce your speed. If an animal suddenly appears on the road, a speed of 80km/h or more is dangerous.
  • Be sure to keep your eyes on the road and to keep a safe distance from the edge of the road.
  • A wild animal rarely travels alone. Always count on several animals.
  • Wild animals are not reasonable. Animals do not always leave the road by the shortest route, and often run in-front of the vehicle instead.
  • If there are wild animals on the road, do not endanger the traffic. Only brake if there is no collision threat to the subsequent vehicles. If the road is free, you should brake and honk so that the game can flee.
  • Do not avoid uncontrolled movements. You could crash into a tree or fall into oncoming traffic. In this case, a controlled wildlife accident is less dangerous.

What to do in a collision

  • Immediately after a collision, you must protect the accident site. Switch on the hazard warning system, and set the warning triangle at a sufficient distance.
  • If necessary, assist any injured individuals.
  • To avoid endangering subsequent traffic, you should remove the dead animal from the road. Only touch the game with gloves or other protection.
  • Never take the wild animal with you!
  • Report the wildlife accident immediately to the nearest police and forestry service center. This way, wounded animals can be tracked and rescued from any suffering due to the accident. 

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