So the fuel costs get under the wheels

Adjust your mirrors and seat, put on your seat belt and start the car immediately without warming up. If you start immediately, your engine will warm up faster and you will consume less fuel. 

Air costs nothing but saves money.

The so-called low-rolling-resistance tires have up to 20 percent lower rolling resistance compared to conventional models. The benefits of this is less noise, less fuel consumption and more money in the wallet. According to investigations by the Federal Environmental Agency (Europe), the fuel consumption drops by up to 5 percent. 

Saving with low-friction tires

The traffic light turns red, the train track barriers lower and you know it is going to take a bit longer. Turn off the engine now. At idle, an engine consumes between 0.8 and 1.5 liters of fuel per hour. With that, you could heat a family home. 


Is your car overweight?

The heavier your car is, the more fuel it consumes. Clear out your trunk, it is worth it. 

Check what items in your trunk you can do without. Do you have a water box? Is your car travelling with waste glass or paper?

Slim down the trunk and save

Every single pound of fuel is necessary when it comes to saving fuel. An additional 100 kg in a mid-sized car is estimated to increase fuel consumption by 0.7 liters per 100 km. 

Wind Resistance

Pay attention to your streamline

On the roof of a luggage carrier, or a bicycle on the rear puts a hole in your wallet. The air resistance of your car has a major impact on fuel economy. We'll tell you how to do it right. 

Do you have any fuel costs on the roof?

Incorrectly packed roof or rear carriers worsen the aerodynamics of your car. This can be an expensive consequence as the fuel consumption increases. At a speed of 100 to 120 km/h you consume about 12 percent more fuel. 

Under no circumstances should you drive with a luggage rack that is unused. Even when empty, it increases consumption by one to four liters. 

Pay attention to your safety

If you carry roof luggage and bicycles, please do not speed. With the luggage you change the driving characteristics of your car. The wind blows on the superstructure, and the crosswind presses. Take a test drive before going on vacation so that you can get a feel for the changed driving. Once again check whether the roof rack is secured. 

Do not throw your money out the window

Open windows or an open sunroof have a bad influence on air flow. Open the doors in the heat before driving and ventilate thoroughly. When driving fast, it is important to keep the windows and sunroof closed. 


Is your engine costing you money?

A poorly tuned engine chases your money out to the exhaust. That's why you should have your engine and exhaust emissions checked regularly. 

Stay clean

A broken probe, a defective control unit and suddenly the modern engine turns into a sip. This is where workshops come in. The experts can reset all parameters correctly. It is best to have the engine checked regularly. Polluted air filters and spark plugs also increase fuel consumption. A regular replacement of these parts is worthwhile.  

Engine Oils

Save money

A well lubricated car drives cheaper. Switch to a high quality smooth running oil. This leads to lower energy consumption in the engine. 

Driving without smooth-running oil is vinegar

Treat your engine to a modern smooth running oil. This reduces friction losses in the engine. Especially with cold starts and shorter distances, the investment pays off as smoother running oils distribute much faster.

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