Buying a car

Which car suits you and your wallet best? In addition to different fuel prices, you should also consider the annual mileage. 

Attention: you also buy follow-up costs

Before you get a new car, you should weigh the pros and cons thoroughly. A diesel is often more expensive than a petrol engine, but results in lower fuel consumption and lower fuel prices. 

Gasoline engines often benefit from longer inspection intervals.

In general it can be said that one third of diesel vehicles available in the market count on 10,000 to 15,000 km of mileage per year. It is worth comparing diesel to gasoline vehicles. 

You should pay attention to this when buying

  • The beautiful exterior of the car and the engine power are not everything. Also consider aspects such as noise emissions and air resistance. 
  • To save fuel, the engine should already have a strong torque at low speeds.
  • The car should have a tachometer. It facilitates economical driving. 

TUV NORD offers you the TUV NORD Vehicle Condition Report with regards to the purchase of a used vehicle. Our experienced experts take a close look at the car and check over 80 checkpoints so that you are well informed about the true condition of the vehicle. 

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