To maintain perspective

A good view is necessary for driving a car. Those who drive with dirty or rainy windows drive with blind flight and endanger both themselves and others. 

In order to clean soiled windows, it is important to always have sufficient windshield wiper fluid. It should always have frost protection in the winter months so that the windshield does not freeze. 

To be able to see well when it rains, functioning wiper blades are necessary. If streaks form, you will be blinded and unable to see oncoming traffic in the dark. 

How long do wiper blades last?

How long wiper blades do their job depends on several factors: 

  • How often is the windshield wiper generally used?
  • Are the wiper blades often exposed to sunlight?
  • How good is the quality?
  • Were the wiper blades used on icy surfaces? 

At the latest, when the wipers are no longer over the entire surface of the windshield and forms streaks while wiping, a change is due. Also, if the rubber becomes brittle or begins to peal a new purchase is inevitable. 

Buy your wipers at a location where many windshield wipers are sold. The reason for this is because when windshield wipers lie around for a long time, the plastic volatilizes in the rubber and the wipers lose their flexibility.


Extend the life of your windshield wipers

  • Periodically remove stubborn dirt and insect debris from the glass and clean them occasionally with glass cleaner. 
  • Clean the wiper blades with a soft cloth and water only, as detergents will attack the graphite layer which allows the blades to glide. 
  • In winter, remove all ice and icy snow from the windshield before inserting the blades, as ice residue can damage the blades. 
  • Lift the blades when parking in the winter to prevent the blades from freezing to the glass. 

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