How to best protect yourself

Tourists are particularly popular with pickpockets as they often carry large amounts of cash, smartphones and expensive camera. Tourists are often more reckless on vacation.

To ensure that you don't make things too easy for these criminals, we have listed some rules of conduct for you. 

Please note these tips

It is best to take as little valuables and jewelry as possible when on holiday. Store cash and identity documents in a pouch - or even better - in a money belt. It is also recommended to distribute your cash in various places. You should only carry smaller amounts of money in your wallet with you. 


  • Copy important documents such as ID cards, driver's licenses and vehicle documents and store them separately from the originals. If lost, the copies help you get replacement papers faster. 
  • Avoid large crowds and be extra cautious in markets as these conditions are ideal for pickpockets. 
  • Do not leave valuables in the car! Thieves are particularly fond of handbags, mobile phones, cameras and navigation devices. 
  • Carry your luggage in the trunk or hidden under a luggage cover. Do not leave objects in the passenger or rear seats. If possible, park your vehicle in guarded parking lots or garages. 
  • Be sure to lock your vehicle and not to leave windows open more than a small crack. 
  • Be particularly cautious in car parks and rest areas. Even there, thieves ruthlessly exploit careless motorists. Lock the vehicle even if you are within close proximity. 
  • If you are alerted by other drivers about possible defects in your vehicle while driving or are asked to stop for other reasons, then you should be skeptical. 

What to do if your vehicle has been broken into

Call the police immediately or contact the nearest police department to file a complaint. Immediately lock debit cards, credit cards, and smartphones if they were stolen. 

TUV NORD Expert Tip

  • Search the surroundings of the vehicle. Many thieves target cash and valuables and simply throw away empty purses or identification papers just steps away from the car. 
  • Examine exactly what is missing and create a detailed list of stolen items. 
  • If possible list exact product names and device numbers. 
  • Report theft to your insurance company immediately. This will require the police file number, a list of stolen objects, and the bills, if any. 
  • Have the windows and doors repairs as soon as possible and keep the invoice. 

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