Underestimated danger at the wheel

Tired drivers are responsible for nearly every fourth fatal car accident on motorways. If a driver is going 100 km/h and nods off for just two seconds, the driver will travel 56 meters uncontrolled. Unfortunately, the danger of over-tired drivers is usually underestimated.

This danger is especially present when you drive against your inner clock. Between two and five in the morning and around two in the afternoon, most people are tired. This should be considered when driving on holidays. Leaving at night to avoid traffic jams can cost you your safety. Motorists can also suffer from fatigue outside of these times, especially during a long journey. 

The most common warning signs

We advise drivers to keep a close eye on themselves as to not be surprised by sudden micro-sleep. Acute warning signs are frequent yawning, sudden shivering and a strong need for movement. 

Also, if you are having difficulty keeping track or feel that the road is narrowing, you should take a break as soon as possible. With tired eyes, sudden fright, involuntary movement, one is already in a micro-sleep

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